Police continue search for unknown gunman

Historic City News has learned that police have been looking, without success, for a black Hummer vehicle that terrorized a neighborhood in the North Whitney Street area early Friday morning.

Police Officer Jeff Collins responded to the area of North Whitney Street to investigate complaints that gunshots had been fired outside the home of a witness who observed the suspect vehicle driving northbound up North Whitney Street.

When the Hummer was further down the road, a witness heard shots again.

During Collins investigation, he discovered shot gun shells in front of four different residences. It was apparent that the shells located were fired from the passenger side of the vehicle.

There was no damage to property.

The shot gun shells were taken into evidence. A canvas of the area was done in an attempt to make contact with the black Hummer, but it could not be located.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Stevens of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.

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