Possible methamphetamine lab uncovered

Just before midnight last night, at a home at 9615 Kirchherr Avenue in Hastings, Deputy Jason Kroul arrived, accompanied by Deputies Emert and Evans, thinking he was there to serve a felony warrant on 31 year-old Karla Diane Cheshire — Historic City News has learned that the situation quickly escalated.

Cheshire was taken into custody and is being held without bond for violation of probation; however, officers were not able to locate her when they first tried her 829 Francis Street address in St. Augustine. Intelligence sources directed the deputies to the address in Hastings; the home of 24 year-old Joseph Lamar Stratton, where Cheshire was staying.

Kroul said in his report that when he arrived in Hastings, he spoke to a girl in the front yard who told him that Cheshire was in fact inside. When Kroul reached the front door, he said he was met by a man who invited the deputies into the residence.

On entering the home, Kroul observed syringes, razor blades and knives in plain view in the living room; on the couch where Stratton was sitting. Stratton was detained while deputies searched for Cheshire. She was found hiding in the master bedroom and taken into custody.

The Special Investigations Unit was called out because of suspected manufacturing of methamphetamine inside the residence. Deputies observed several different precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine in several different locations inside the residence.

Stratton was removed from the residence. When searched, deputies located a small cylinder which contained 6, 30mg oxycodone tablets — prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Stratton told deputies that he does not have a prescription for the highly potent and addictive pain-pills. Stratton said that he crushes and dissolves the tablets in water and injects the solution into his blood stream.

During the search of the residence, numerous precursor chemicals, methamphetamine and a loaded shotgun were located.

Stratton’s criminal history included five total felony convictions on 11/03/2007 and 02/11/2008.

Stratton was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail where he is being held in lieu of $14,700.00 bond. Stratton is charged with 893.147.2 NARCOTIC EQUIP-POSSESS T F $200.00, 893.13.6a DRUGS-POSSESS T F $2000.00, 893.149.1b DRUGS-POSSESS S F $5000.00, 893.13.1a1 DRUGS-POSSESS S F $5000.00, 790.23.1a POSSESSION OF WEAPON S F $2500.00.

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