Proctor: Facts and Myths – House Bill 7189

In an announcement forwarded to Historic City News from Alison Johnson, Legislative Aide to District 20 Representative Bill Proctor, we were advised that State Representative Proctor has received many messages regarding Senate Bill 6, and the now pending legislation – House Bill 7189.

“I encourage you to take the time to read and review the following website, which presents the facts and myths about our efforts to reward excellent teachers in Florida schools,” Proctor said. “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide you with important information to help clarify the facts about the legislation. ”

Facts about HB 7189

1. HB 7189 raises the pay of our quality teachers and it DOES NOT reduce pay for any teacher in the state.

2. NO current Teacher will lose their tenure status.

3. Teachers who work with learning disabled or lower performing students will benefit from the bill.

4. Teachers will not be punished for students who enter their classroom performing below grade level.

5. The bill takes into consideration exceptional circumstances.

6. Test scores are NOT the only measure of teacher success.

7. The bill does not affect teacher pension or retirement benefits.

8. These reforms are not an unfunded mandate.

9. By rewarding teachers who provides a quality education for our students, teacher collaboration is not in jeopardy.

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