Product Licensing Committee being formed

Local St. Augustine news reporters watched Monday night as 450th Commemoration Executive Director Dana Ste. Claire told the City Commission about the importance of licensing products that are associated with the planned three-year-long celebration.

He noted that copyright and trademark policies used by Jamestown for its 400th anniversary in 2007 “were some of their most difficult areas to work out.”

Ste. Claire said a “Product Development and Licensing Committee” needs to design a plan for regulating city-sanctioned products and merchandise. The commission agreed.

This and other working groups are being selected from a pool of more than 300 volunteers who have applied to assist in the commemoration.

The City Commission decided not to move forward with any authorizations or licensing of products until the committee, one of “40 identified committees” for the 450th Commemoration, has created a plan for commission approval.

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