Qualified events may apply for bed tax funds

The St. Johns County Tourist Development Council Director Glenn Hastings told Historic City News local reporters that now is the time for not-for-profit groups staging special events or cultural programming aimed at attracting visitors to apply for Category 2 funding.

The available funding comes from a four-percent bed tax collected by the County on short-term accommodations such as hotel, campground or condominium rentals. Florida Statute Chapter 125.0104 allows for the use of these funds – paid by overnight visitors – for specials events and cultural programming as a means of marketing the destination to tourists.

The deadline for submitting applications is 4:00 p.m., Friday, May 14, 2010.

Since the Tourist Development program was initiated in 1989, more than $6 million in tourist development tax funds have been awarded to not-for-profit groups in St. Johns County. Last year, over $350,000 was provided from the program to support more than 35 local special events and programs.

For organizations which have benefitted from this funding over the past few years, the application and guidelines for funding remain virtually unchanged from the previous five years.

The guidelines and application can be found on the St. Johns County website or for more information or assistance with the application, please contact Dena Masters, TDC Office Manager, at 209-4440.

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