Regan shares plans for temporary bridge

Chief Operations Officer John Regan reported to city commissioners last night that he may be able to save the city $500,000, or more, if he is successful in reaching an accord that will satisfy state requirements to construct an elevated armament around the south end of Riberia Street.

Regan has been negotiating a multilateral agreement with Skanska, the bridge contractor, Florida Department of Transportation, St. Augustine Port Authority and the state Department of Environmental Protection which could move the bulk of the concrete remains of the temporary bridge to the former landfill site.

The state required “flood surge armament” on Riberia Street “could cost $600,000 to one million dollars”, according to Regan. “That cost can be reduced to about $100,000 with agreement to use that bridge material.”

Skanska requested permission to cut pilings for the temporary bridge two feet below the mud level, rather than pulling up the 90-foot pilings. In exchange, Skanska would donate $25,000 to the city, and consider trucking the concrete to Riberia Street.

Regan said plans to create an artificial reef with the concrete are all but dead, pointing to concerns for the right whales. The Port Authority wants ten percent of the concrete for a different reef.

Commissioners liked the numbers and asked Regan to continue negotiations.

The Bridge of Lions contractor says that they are aiming for a reopening of the restored span February 15th.

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