Resident returns to find home open and TV on

St. Augustine Police Officer Chris Miller reports to the St. Augustine local news desk that he responded to a burglary call on Nesmith Avenue at 7:42 p.m. Friday night; according to a press release received by Historic City News.

According to Miller’s report, when the resident returned home, they discovered the front door open and the TV on. Police say that the victim also noticed that their computer monitor was missing.

For fear that the burglar may still be inside; the victim left their house and went to their neighbor’s house to call the police.

Miller and SAPD Corporal Kevin Schmoll went inside the house, cleared all rooms and found it to be unoccupied.

Police found a window; pushed in and damaged. The police report says that the back door was closed — but unlocked.

Once the house was safe, the resident entered with police and determined that the only things missing were the computer monitor and a bottle of vodka.

The victim says that when they left the residence, all the windows and doors were locked.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.

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