Saturday night home invasion on Palmer Street

The local St. Augustine news desk has learned that Saturday night, Police Officer Brittany Garmon responded to a residence on Palmer Street to investigate a home invasion robbery.

The two victims who reside in the home told police that two men, wearing black clothing and black masks, broke in through the back door and robbed them while they were inside.

The victims said that one of the robbers was white and the other was black.

One of the victims stated that he was in his bedroom sleeping when he heard his dog barking in the kitchen. When he got up to see what was wrong, he observed the white robber with a black gun standing inside his living room and the black robber standing inside his kitchen.

The white robber started to walk into the hallway as the black robber approached the victim and demanded money.

Both robbers approached the victim and attacked him; punching him in the face.

The second victim told police that he was in the bathroom when he heard a loud noise coming from the area of the back door.

As the second victim exited the bathroom, he reported seeing the white robber who was wearing a mask, gloves and was holding a gun.

The robber put the gun in the victim’s face and demanded money.

The victim gave him $40 cash. Both assailants ran out of the house. The first victim suffered minor face injuries.

A canvas, with assistance from an SJSO K-9 unit, was made of the area — without success.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that evidence was taken from the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

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