Saturday Tea Party rally announced

Nancy Nadeau reported to Historic City News that the St. Augustine Tea Party will participate in a
“Get Out the Vote” Rally with other area Tea Party organizations on October 30th.

Rick Scott and John Thrasher will speak at the event, as will Mike Yost, who is seeking to retire Corinne Brown, Jeff Atwater running for Alex Sink’s former seat as CFO, as well as Herman Cain.

9:00 AM – Meet at the Terminal parking lot of the Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine to decorate vehicles with signs and flags. Some sign materials will be available, but feel free to decorate your vehicle before you come.

10:00 AM – Leave the airport and make our way north on US 1 to International Golf Parkway and follow that west to Ring Power Systems parking lot at 500 World Commerce Parkway.

For more details and contact information on the October 30th Rally, visit their website.

The St. Augustine Tea Party is the result of the reformation of the original United American Tea Party. We have new leadership and organization, but the same values based on:

– Constitutional Government
– Limited Government
– Fiscal Responsibility

We welcome like minded patriots looking to reassert their values into the government of the United States.

Currently, the group meets every Tuesday evening at the Village Inn in St. Augustine on Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. and typically finish by 7:30 p.m.

The Chairman of the St. Augustine Tea Party group is Eric West.

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