St. Augustine Freedom Rally and Tea Party

BreeLee Johnston told local St. Johns County news reporters that Historic City News readers are invited to the St. Augustine Freedom Rally and Tea Party rally on April 17th, from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at Francis Field.

Joe the Plumber, also known as Joe Wurzelbacher, will be one of the speakers, as well as Ken Hoagland, Director of Communications with Fair Tax and renowned author Lou Pritchet with his book, “Stop Paddling and Start Rocking the Boat” as well as Tea Party star, singer, songwriter and composer Lloyd Marcus.

“This event is dedicated to our veterans and troops,” Johnston said. “There will be a very large dedication to them.”

This event will include a Freedom Ride, which will be caravans of bikers, non-bikers, and just plain patriots bringing their flags or homemade torches of freedom from their location to the rally.

The caravan will ride through St. Augustine and past the Castillo De San Marcos; the only fort that was never conquered.

“There are 100’s of organizers across the state that are active in Conservative groups, 9-12 Groups, Tea Parties, Fair Tax Groups, Resist Net, Icaucus, OathKeepers, etc,” Johnston said. “We want all of you to be there. Our goal is to make this a very cohesive event of all statewide organizations from all the groups that support the same causes.”

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