Suspended driver jailed after fighting deputies

Public Information Officer Debra Johnson told local St. Johns County reporters with Historic City News that a Palm Coast man who was driving with a suspended license, wound up facing additional charges after he exchanged blows with deputies on Monday night.

Anthony Capitola, 30, of Pine Haven Drive, was stopped by Deputy Daniel Weaver around 9:30 p.m. after the deputy observed him run a stop sign at the intersection of Privacy and Princeton Lanes. A check of Capitola’s license showed he had a suspended license, but was allowed to drive back and forth to work.

Capitola said he had just dropped a friend off after going to the store. The deputy then instructed him to exit the vehicle and keep his hands in view, but Capitola kept reaching into his pocket. The deputy then attempted to do a pat down search of Capitola while informing him he was being arrested for violation of his restricted license.

The deputy reported that Capitola responded with, “That’s not gonna happen” and he attempted to run. A struggle ensued when the deputy grabbed the man’s shirt and Capitola turned to throw a punch, striking the deputy in the face. The deputy was able to wrestle the man to the ground, but Capitola pushed him away and began running.

The man fled through a thick wooded area with the deputy in pursuit. An attempt to taser Capitola failed and the deputy said the man assumed a fighting position with his fists balled up. Another struggle ensued resulting in the deputy grabbing Capitola’s shirt and placing him on the ground. As the man continued to fight, Deputy Weaver deployed his taser and was able to handcuff him.

Capitola was medically cleared at Florida Hospital Flager and transported to the Flagler County Inmate Facility. He is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, attempted escape and violating a driver license restriction. His bond has been set at $47,500.

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