Threat at High School determined false alarm

Collins Avenue, Del Monte Drive and Varella Avenue were closed today as Sheriff’s deputies investigated a false alarm that endangered occupants of St. Augustine High School only one week into the new school year.

Students and staff had to be evacuated from the school this afternoon for nearly three hours as each building was systematically cleared of any threats.

Before the entire school was reopened, the gym and the cafeteria were given the green light so that students could return and escape the heat. At one point during the evacuation, an ambulance came to the school to treat students who suffered heat-related difficulties.

Classes were dismissed and buses left the campus a bit late, however, things are back to normal.

According to Sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Kelshaw, no threats were found and the school property was reopened without incident.

Parents were notified of the bomb threat by school officials.

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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