Two escort services licensed last week

One of St. Augustine’s most visible and outspoken critics of “Adult Entertainment” zoning, 65 year-old Betty Jean (B. J.) Kalaidi, who is regularly seen with her “Eat Celery” sign hanging around her neck at St. Augustine City Commission meetings, will likely have a new reason to picket outside events and community meetings around town.

Historic City News reporters noted two new business tax receipts were issued, both to Executive Services of Jacksonville, Inc. — one to operate as “ABAGAILES” the other to operate as, simply, “EXECUTIVE SERVICES”.

Each of the $225 a year business tax receipts were issued to operate an “escort service”.

The out-of-area Orange Park address given on the applications is the address of a UPS Store who offers customers a mail collection service.

The Secretary of State indicates that the corporation was registered at 4700 Salisbury Road in Jacksonville — ironically, the actual address of the Radisson Hotel at Butler Boulevard.

Executive Food Service also shares a Middleburg address in Clay County with Executive Services and another business, Executive Limousines.

Larry Grosshans appears to be operating Executive Food Service, according to publically available records, however, through shared addresses; Barbara P. Whittington appears to be operating what may be the parent company, Executive Services Of Jacksonville, Inc.

Historic City News checked with Mark Knight’s office this afternoon; Knight is out of town. A spokesman did, however, confirm that he was not aware of any pending application for an adult business inside the city — escort service, night club, or, otherwise.

Because of St. Augustine’s existing ordinances, we were told that it is possible to find a piece of property where zoning would allow an adult book store; such as the Adam and Eve stores on South Ponce de Leon Boulevard and SR-16 at I-95.

Strip clubs within the city would be prohibited if they consumed liquor. No full or partial nudity is allowed in or in adjoining buildings where alcohol is consumed; whether sold, as in a bar or brought in, as in a bottle club. Historic City News asked how close you’d ever be allowed to get to the type of strip clubs in Jacksonville and were told, “You could sell hamburgers and soft drinks in a club where girls danced — as long as they wore a bikini.”

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