Validate customer parking with new coupons

Business owners in St. Augustine have complained to Historic City News reporters for some time about the inconvenience and expense of downtown parking for their customers; and now, the city is trying something different.

Many public and private parking facilities have an arrangement that allows merchants, for a fee, to validate customer parking; usually for up to an hour per store.

In a new program announced last week, the City of St. Augustine is offering coupon books to local businesses that contain twenty-five prepaid parking coupons — which can be given to customers who shop or dine in their store.

Initially, the coupons are available in either “two hour” or “one day” denominations.

The cost of parking in the 1,200 car facility by coupon is just half the cost of retail.

A book of twenty-five “two hour” coupons costs businesses $26.50 (includes tax).

A book of twenty-five “one day” coupons costs businesses $93.75 (includes tax).

The coupons can only be used in the Historic Downtown Parking Facility; however, the city will continue to offer the discounted ParkNow Card which can be used in any designated city parking lot, on street parking, or at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility.

For $1 plus tax, downtown businesses can advertise to their customers the convenience of an easy-to-find parking space, a leisurely lunch or shopping, for up to two hours, by redeeming the “free” coupon available from their cashier.

For more information on the coupons call the Historic Downtown Parking Facility at 484.5160. For more information on the ParkNow cards call the Financial Services Center at 825.1034.

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