Waiting for last turtle nests to hatch

Although October 31st marks the traditional end of sea turtle nesting season, St. Johns County has informed Historic City News that four turtle nests remain on our beaches that have not yet hatched.

Therefore, in compliance with the County’s Habitat Conservation Plan, beach officials will continue to enforce rules associated with sea turtle nesting season, including keeping all vehicles off the beach between 7:30 pm and 8:00 am. Rut removal activities will also continue.

Officials believe the incubation periods of these nests are extended because of the cooler temperatures at night and the impact some of the nests have had by high tides. It is anticipated the nests may not hatch until the middle of November.

As soon as the remaining nests hatch or are evaluated by sea turtle patrol, the County will conclude the 2010 nesting season. Officials appreciated public cooperation and support.

Questions may be directed to the Habitat Conservation Office at (904) 209-3740 or the Beach Services Office at (904) 209-0322.

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