Attention getting crosswalk signs are working

St. Augustine’s Public Works Department reports to Historic City News that the new attention-getting crosswalk signs, installed last month along state roads within the city are proving their effectiveness.

Eight years ago, the Florida Department of Transportation installed crosswalks on state highways with curbside signs at those locations where there is no pedestrian signal.

The distinctive yellow day-glow signs stand about three feet in height. By placing them in the center of the road, between the drive lanes, it is nearly impossible not to see the crosswalk.

Florida law requires drivers to come to a complete stop when pedestrians occupy a crosswalk — a reminder that is carried on the new signs.

Locations of the marked crosswalks are:

– San Marco Avenue near Williams Street
– Old Mission Avenue and Cincinnati Avenue
– King Street near Granada Street
– Cathedral Place near Charlotte Street
– Avenida Menendez near Hypolita Street
– Avenida Menendez near the Hilton Hotel

With thousands of visitors who stroll the streets nearly every day of the year, as well as delivery persons, retail workers, and students from elementary through college, there is a lot of walking going on in St. Augustine.

The City Department of Public Affairs told Historic City News that they find one of St. Augustine’s most attractive features is being such an inviting place to stroll. With increased awareness, by both pedestrians and motorists, it will continue to be a safe place as well.

Pedestrians are now are more likely to cross at designated crosswalks as well as street corners with traffic lights — which public works officials say is where they should; since they will be better protected.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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