Audubon Society holds nesting season wrap-up

Ali Fulcher stated to local Historic City News reporters that on November 28, at 7:00 p.m., the St. Johns County Audubon Society would host a lecture by Mike Golubovich including a 2011 beach-nesting season wrap-up.

Golubovich is a County Beach Enforcement Specialist who works closely with Tara Dodson, Habitat Conservation Plan Coordinator, and Billy Zeits, Manager of Beach Services.

Together they manage our 41-mile natural resource for the enjoyment of visitors and residents, and for the monitoring and protection of endangered and threatened species.

Through the dedication of dozens of volunteers, our beaches are patrolled and nesting data is collected to complement federal reporting requirements.

Golubovich found himself the rage of social media and front-page news recently when he discovered a still intact underwater camera loaded with pictures from the Cayman Islands.

Follow the Audubon signs at St. Johns River State College, Room C-116, to participate in this entertaining program when Golubovich wraps-up the beach-nesting season and shares some of his unique beach experiences.

A St. Johns County Natural Resource Deputy will be present to touch upon enforcement duties and common challenges found on the beach from a law enforcement perspective.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News archive photograph

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