Bill McClure enters District 3 commission race

A Grand Cay resident, William A. “Bill” McClure, is the second candidate to announce his intention to run for the District 3 seat on the St Johns County commission; currently held by 28 year-old chairman Mark Miner and sought by 18 year-old Zachary Proscia Silva.

Miner is expected to announce, however, as of this morning, he has not filed for re-election.

Yesterday, McClure, who turned 44 years-old in September, made his plans “official” when he signed all the required paperwork to begin his campaign. He has been a registered Republican in St. Johns County since moving here in 2004, according to Patsy Collins in the Supervisor of Elections Office.

Historic City News interviewed McClure in our newsroom today. We learned that he is originally from Alachua County and grew up in Gainesville. McClure graduated from Gainesville High School and attended University of Florida; then graduated from University of South Florida in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

McClure also received a certificate from a six-month advanced management program that required him to attend classes at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The candidate is a part owner and President of The Medi Companies, Inc., with offices in Charlotte, Long Island and in St Johns County. McClure has been with the firm since it was founded in 2007 and runs the local office located in Palencia Village.

“This is my first run for a political office,” McClure told Historic City News reporters. “I want your readers to know that I’m not running because I am dissatisfied with the incumbent — I am running because I have confidence in the skills and experience I can bring to the Board.”

McClure can now legally begin fundraising and he says he intends to qualify by petition method — rather than, as he said, “buy his way onto the ballot”; referring to the qualifying fee paid by his opponent when he was elected.

McClure told reporters that he respects the service his opponent has provided the county during the time that he has been here, and, he appreciates Miner’s military service during the year that he was not.

“My friends and supporters have asked me to make this decision,” McClure said. “With the help of fellow residents, I am confident that we can apply my mature, conservative business experience to the problems that face the Board.”

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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