Buckle up and save a buck

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Colonel Art F. May reported to local Historic City News that deputies will be cracking down on motorists who fail to wear their seat belts as they mobilize for the 2011 national “Click-it-or-Ticket” campaign.

During the mobilization, deputies will join local and national law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates, both day and night, all across the country for the seat belt enforcement mobilization, May 23rd through June 5th.

Because nighttime passenger vehicle occupants are among those least likely to buckle up and most likely to die in crashes when unrestrained, nighttime enforcement has become a priority of the “Click-it-or-Ticket” mobilization.

“Many more nighttime traffic deaths can be prevented if more motorists simply start wearing their seat belts,” May, who is Director of Law Enforcement for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, told Historic City News. “We will be out in force to remind drivers and occupants to always wear their seat belts – both day and night.”

Remember May 23rd to June 5th it is important to buckle up; and, encourage your loved ones to do the same. You’ll save the cost of a ticket and may even save a life.

“Law enforcement will be cracking down on “Click-it-or-Ticket” violators around the clock. Local motorists should be prepared to buckle up,” May said. “If law enforcement finds you on the road unbuckled, anytime or anywhere, you can expect to get a ticket — not a warning. No excuses and no exceptions.”

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by SJSO

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