City Advisory Boards and Committees


Alison Ratkovic, Clerk of the City of St Augustine, announced to Historic City News and our readers that there are currently three open positions on the city’s advisory boards and committees.

Unlike the members of the City Commission, who stand for election every four years, the members of these bodies are appointed. Volunteer board and committee members play an important role in the operations of the City of St. Augustine.

Some of the boards and committees require members to meet specific qualifications, such as residency in the city, or have a specific area of expertise. While each body differs in its area of responsibility and requirements for appointment, they all have one common requirement: they depend on citizens willing to serve their city.

Follow the links below to learn more about each board or committee, to see the roster of current members and their terms of office, and agenda and minutes of meetings.

All board and committee meetings are advertised and open to the public. Members must comply fully with all requirements of Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Laws.

The City Clerk’s office is accepting applications to fill vacancies on three boards:

– the Code Enforcement, Adjustment and Appeals Board
– the Civil Service Board
– the Firefighters’ Retirement Board

Download an Application for appointment to City Advisory Boards and Committees, or contact the City Clerk’s office at 904.825.1007.

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