City pitches 450th master plan to TDC

Paul K. Williamson, Public Affairs Director for the City of St. Augustine, informed Historic City News reporters that, today, his department delivered a presentation before the St. Johns County Tourist Development Council to update them on the progress and implementation of the strategic working master plan for the 450th commemoration.

The presentation highlights the strengths and challenges facing the City and gives a taste of continuing plans to enroll artists, heritage partners and signature events that will be showcased during the 450th Commemoration in 2015.

The Federal 450th Commission has held its inaugural meeting, appointed a chair, Jay Kislak; however, it still lacks funding. Mayor Joe Boles reported at a recent workshop that there is movement among his fellow federal commissioners to raise private funds themselves instead of waiting for Congressional funding.

Over the four-years of celebration proposed in addition to the 450th Anniversary, City planners will need a bump from private individuals, private foundations and corporate sponsors.

The City knows that the Tourist Development Council is an important commitment for them to receive, since they are the board that controls millions of dollars in bed-tax funds each year.

Additional charts and data on the presentation and Strategic Master Plan for the 450th can be found on their website.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by COSA

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