Civil Air Patrol squadron returns from exercises

The only way to be prepared for emergencies is training and exercise and Composite Squadron 173 from St Augustine is no exception, 2nd Lt. Dennis Maloney told Historic City News this weekend.

Officers and cadets of the Civil Air Patrol unit recently participated in a search and rescue exercise at Jacksonville’s Craig Field.

Participants pictured here are (L-R) Squadron Commander, Capt. Ralph Aviles, Cadet TSgt. Brandon Aviles, 2nd Lt. Dennis Maloney and Capt. Gene Melton.

Since the end of World War II, Civil Air Patrol has become a valuable non-profit, public service organization chartered by Congress. It is now an auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force, charged with providing essential emergency, operational and public services to communities and states nationwide, the federal government and the military.

“Our squadron is also very proud of our cadet programs that we offer to youngsters ages 12-18,” explained Squadron Commander Capt. Ralph Aviles. “Our cadets are prepared to become citizens ready to become leaders in college, the military, and in civilian life.”

St. Augustine Composite Squadron also offers a rigorous schedule for adult members following the U. S. Air Force model. Individuals begin as senior members and can attain officer grades while becoming proficient in various specialty tracks.

St. Augustine Composite Squadron 173 meets on Wednesday evenings at the Conference Center at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport located at 4730 Casa Cola Way in St. Augustine.

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