Commission approves $64,880 for Sheriff request

David B. ShoarCounty Commissioners approved a request from Sheriff David B. Shoar yesterday to transfer $18,000 to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund – Aid to Private Organizations account from Reserves for the support of the St. Augustine Society.

By providing funds to the St. Augustine Society, the Sheriff’s Office may utilize at least eight beds and associated shelter services located at the St Francis House in St Augustine to prevent the homeless and needy from camping in public places.

A similar request was made to the St Augustine City Commission by Chief of Police Loran Lueders, who will split the $36,000 annual cost with the Sheriff.

Also included in the consent agenda during yesterday’s county commission meeting, was approval for the Sheriff to spend an additional $46,880 from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund to purchase a simulation training system.

According to a letter to commission chair Mark Miner, Shoar explained that the training system is a computer based, interactive simulator that can reproduce any environment, lighting condition, or repeatable training scenario.

Shoar said that it has been proven that with interactivity comes higher retention levels; thus preparing a better-trained deputy to serve our citizens.

The transfer from Law Enforcement Trust Fund Reserves was necessary in order to approve the Sheriff’s request.

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