Commission approves new medical examiner

DR PREDRAG BULICCounty Commissioner Cyndi Stevenson questioned the budget impact of a proposal presented by District 7 State Attorney R. J. Larizza regarding the method by which St. Johns County will pay for forensic medical examinations since the retirement of 65 year-old Dr. Terrence R. Steiner.

Volusia County Medical Examiner Dr. Marie A. Herrmann has been serving as interim Medical Examiner while a search committee considered applicants for the position.

St. Johns, Putnam and Flagler counties comprise Florida Medical Examiner District 23 as detailed in Florida Statues — each share in the cost of funding services for the Tri-County area.

Among other changes that were approved today, St. Johns County will no longer retain the medical examiner as an independent contractor; opting to make the new medical examiner a county employee.

The hiring committee made a recommendation to the State Medical Examiners Commission recommending 52 year-old Dr. Predrag Bulic who lives in Ormond Beach. The Commission subsequently submitted their recommendation to the Governor; formally requesting Dr. Bulic’s appointment. It may take several months for the Governor to make the official appointment.

Bulic holds two certifications from the American Board of Pathology; a Pathology Certification as well as a Forensic Pathology Certification. Dr. Bulic began practicing medicine 4/1/1984 and has been licensed in Florida since 5/07/2007.

Bulic currently serves under Dr. Herrmann as Associate Medical Examiner in Daytona Beach.

Bulic graduated medical school in Belgrade Yugoslavia, which he attended from September 1977 to November 1982.

The Board of County Commissioners authorized the County Administrator to negotiate and enter into a Tri-County Interlocal agreement for Medical Examiner services for District 23 and approved the creation of a full time position of Medical Examiner and authorized the transfer of $223,218 from General Fund Reserves to fund changes to the FY 2011 operating budget.

1. Create full time position of Medical Examiner (cost of $200,000 plus special risk benefits)

2. Increase ME budget from $337,701 to $560,919 to reflect the interim and operational changes

3. Upgrade vacant pay grade 114 position to enable hiring Forensic Technician (cost of $41,000)

4. Approve County Administrator’s ability to negotiate and enter into a Tri-County Interlocal agreement outlining costs to be shared on a percentage basis between the three counties for ME services for District 23.

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