Wanchick names Carl Shank Fire Rescue Chief

CARL SHANKAt the December 6th county commission meeting, interim Fire Rescue Chief Carl A. Shank was officially appointed Chief by County Administrator Michael D. Wanchick; who said that he was pleased to recognize Chief Shank’s commitment to the Department and County.

Shank’s appointment to fill the position created upon the retirement of Chief Bobby Hall, received the unanimous support of the St Johns County Board of County Commissioners.

Chief Shank has been involved in the delivery of emergency services in St. Johns County for over 25 years, beginning as a volunteer in the Palm Valley area then transitioning to fulltime employment in January of 1987.

“St. Johns County is fortunate to have someone with Carl’s experience, leadership and educational background who can seamlessly assume the leadership role within the Fire Rescue Department,” Wanchick said. “I am confident Shank and our highly professional and experienced Fire Rescue Department staff will continue to provide the high-quality emergency services the community has come to expect and value.”

Progressing through the ranks, Chief Shank was appointed Operations Chief in 2001 and helped plan and build there-organizations of fire rescue services countywide. In 2008, Chief Shank was named the Assistant Chief of the Department — a rank that he held prior to appointment.

Shank was charged with supervising emergency operations preparation and response as assistant chief. He has also been involved in the formulation of operational and medical protocols, policy setting, budget preparation and program development. Since 2002, he has been the project manager for federal grants.

In addition to various emergency services delivery certifications, Shank holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Flagler College, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and receiving the Hamilton Upchurch Award for Academic Achievement.

Shank serves as the assistant regional coordinator for the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association State Emergency Response Plan, which provides for the systematic mobilization, deployment, organization and management of emergency resources statewide during large-scale emergencies.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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