Domestic violence leads to arrest on multiple charges

Released under $3,500 bond yesterday, Historic City News has learned that a 31 year-old St. Augustine man was arrested by local police and has been charged with false imprisonment, battery and harassment in connection with a domestic disturbance that occurred last weekend.

David Michael Haynes, who resides at 98 Cerro Street in St. Augustine, was taken into custody Sunday afternoon; after he came to the police department to file “his side” of an incident that left his girlfriend badly battered.

Police say that on Saturday, Haynes and the victim had been drinking together when Haynes became belligerent and then turned violent when the victim attempted to leave.

According to Public Information Officer Mark Samson, Haynes was “picking a fight” with the female victim at his home that led to him striking her several times. Samson says that Haynes would not allow the victim to call for help and that he was physically stopping her from leaving the residence.

When the victim eventually managed to escape, she went to the police department and filed her report. Evidence collected at that time led to Haynes arrest when he came in to give his account of the previous day’s altercation.

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