Environmental Education Fair wins award

Historic City News has learned that Anne Wilson, President of Friends of A1A, and Sallie O’Hara, Byway Program Administrator, have returned from Minneapolis, Minnesota where last week they accepted a 2011 Scenic Byway Award for the “Environmental Education Fair”.

The Friends of A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway planned and implemented the Environmental Education Fair to help build appreciation of the byway’s resources and foster resource stewardship.

In addition to interactive learning activities, the fair also featured unique aerial art to focus attention on the corridor.

The prestigious Scenic Byway Awards recognize eight projects of excellence from byway nominations across the country. The local Environmental Education Fair was recognized on August 24th at the National Scenic Byways 2011 Conference in the Resource Protection category.

Selection by a panel of byway-community experts is based on four criteria, including community involvement and public outreach; partnerships; advancing the goals of the byway’s corridor management plan; and, innovation.

The winning projects must also serve as successful models for other byway organizations and corridors.

“We hope these winning projects will inspire new efforts to preserve, protect, interpret, and promote the intrinsic qualities along America’s Byways,” commented Michelle Johnson, Director of America’s Byways Resource Center.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Sallie O’Hara

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