Exotic dancer jailed for attack on paramedic and deputy


A thirty year-old “exotic dancer” at the Jacksonville Gold Club was arrested this morning in St. Augustine — but not before putting up a fight that landed her two third-degree felony charges for battery on an officer, firefighter, or EMT and a first degree misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest.

Historic City News was informed by Media Relations Officer Kevin Kelshaw that, at about 12:30 this morning, Fire Rescue personnel and deputies were called to 65 Catalina Circle in St. Augustine Shores by the mother of Andrea Nancy Chevalier.

The mother told emergency personnel upon their arrival that her daughter “was on the wrong medication” and needed to be taken to the hospital.

According to the incident report filed by Deputy Anthony Harrell, when he, Deputy David Fiveash, Deputy Thomas Bickhart and Paramedic Crystal Cuzzort entered the home, Chevalier refused medical attention.

Harrell says Chevalier “attempted to shut the door in my face”, however, he blocked it and instructed her to “put on some clothes” because she was going to leave with him. “Chevalier refused and sat down in a corner holding a dog,” Harrell reported. “I asked that Cuzzort come in and ask her to put some clothes on and stay in the room while she did.”

At that time, Chevalier reportedly kicked the paramedic in the right thigh, so, Fiveash and Bickhart proceeded to restrain her in handcuffs. Chevalier repeatedly pulled away from the two deputies; even after Fiveash was said to have “forcefully put her right hand behind her back”.

Deputy Harrell wrote, “I pulled my taser and gave her loud verbal commands to stop resisting and put her hands behind her back.” When Chevalier continued to resist, Harrell states that he deployed his taser, striking Chevalier in her right side; “the top probe striking her upper right side and the bottom probe striking her right thigh”.

Despite two deputy’s attempts to restrain her, after being hit with a taser, Chevalier continued to resist. When she attempted to pull the probe from her thigh, Harrell said he deployed his taser again until she complied and put her hands behind her back.

The paramedic opened the door to allow the officers to remove Chevalier from the home; however, when Cuzzort was in range, Chevalier kicked her in the back — causing the paramedic to stumble out of the door.

Deputies Fiveash and Bickhart lifted Chevalier by each arm and Deputy Harrell “grabbed her legs and we carried her to my patrol vehicle where she was rip restrained”. Harrell placed Chevalier under arrest for battery on a paramedic and resisting arrest without violence and transported her to the St. Johns County Detention Facility.

Before corrections deputies attempted to remove Chevalier from the patrol car, they removed the rip restraint. Dep. Margaret Sparks attempted to put pants on Chevalier, but, when she bent down, Chevalier kicked Deputy Sparks in the stomach; earning her the second felony battery charge.

Chevalier, who resides at 938 San Remo Road in St. Augustine Shores, had to be secured in a restraint chair for everyone’s safety during the booking process. She remains in custody this morning in lieu of $3,000 bond — $1,000 on each of the three charges.


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