FDLE: Police handled everything properly

Chief Loran Lueders announced to Historic City News local reporters that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has opined that in the recent arrest of St. Augustine City Commissioner Errol D. Jones, “everything was handled properly”.

Jones reached out to reporters soon after he was released from custody; appearing on at least two televised interviews and quoted in numerous printed articles concerning his arrest.

Jones, who was taken into custody at the scene of a domestic disturbance involving members of his family, alleged “officer misconduct” in the way he was handled. Jones is adamant that he did nothing wrong and that the police officer, who he referred to as “a rookie”, overreacted in making the arrest without cause.

In an announcement Monday, the day after Jones’ allegations were made public, the chief of police requested assistance from the state law enforcement agency; asking them to make an independent assessment of the police officer’s conduct.

“In response to my request, FDLE responded to the Police Department to review our case involving Commissioner Jones,” Chief Lueders told reporters. “FDLE reviewed the case file and found that it was in-order and completely investigated.”

The Department of Law Enforcement does not have the resources to investigate misdemeanors that are already completed by a local investigating agency, nor did they reach any conclusions concerning whether or not the arrest was valid or that probable cause existed for that arrest. “That decision is up to the State Attorney’s Office,” Lueders explained.

The next step will be a hearing in County Court at a date to be announced.

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