Final Judgments through 1/3/2011

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Suntrust Bank* vs *611 Southpoint Parkway LLC*1/3/2011*OR*3393*881
NEC Financial Services Inc* vs *A1A Realty & Management Company Inc*1/3/2011*OR*3393*816
Bank Of America* vs *Amazing Land Inc*1/3/2011*OR*3393*1430
Butler Michele* vs *Anderson Anthony W*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1583
US Bank* vs *Andrews Shante M*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1462
Putnam State Bank* vs *Ashdji Farid*1/3/2011*OR*3393*742
American Express Centurion Bank* vs *Barthel Patricia*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1797
Capital One Bank USA NA* vs *Baxter Charles N*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1575
Begley Christine Chandler* vs *Begley David John*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1573
Vystar Credit Union* vs *Bockheim Patrick M Jr*12/28/2010*OR*3391*760
Jax Navy Federal Credit Union* vs *Boyd Christopher J*12/29/2010*OR*3392*311
Julington Creek Plantation Property Owners* vs *Burch Jeannine R*12/23/2010*OR*3390*928
Cagle Kerri* vs *Cagle Chris*12/28/2010*OR*3391*891
Gmac Mortgage LLC* vs *Carter Kim Paul*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1423
Bonita Bay Homeowners Association Inc* vs *Cassidy Thomas J*1/3/2011*OR*3393*1091
Everbank* vs *Clark Justin R*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1689
Branch Banking & Trust Company* vs *Cochran Andrea D*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1443
Hornerxpress-First Coast Inc* vs *Complete Pool Builders Inc*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1579
Northeast Florida Mortgage Investments LLC* vs *Cortabella Inc*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1523
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company * vs *Cunningham Matt*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1470
Dile Amanda* vs *Dile Barry*12/28/2010*OR*3391*858
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company * vs *Dobson Tracey A*12/29/2010*OR*3392*36
Discover Bank* vs *Douthitt Jerry D*12/29/2010*OR*3392*40
Loancare* vs *Dubose Michael*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1507
Financial Independence Services Corp* vs *Dugan William*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1044
Community First Credit Union Of Florida* vs *Durdin Julia D*12/23/2010*OR*3390*924
Tide Way Development Group Inc* vs *Eagle Fl V Spe LLC*1/3/2011*OR*3393*658
Crossings At Cypress Trace Condominium* vs *Ehrhardt David Mark*1/3/2011*OR*3393*1093
Ironstone Bank* vs *Fort Plantation Investments LLC*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1537
Giani Mohan Richard* vs *Giani Christina L*12/28/2010*OR*3391*878
CACH LLC* vs *Gillam Joseph W Jr*12/28/2010*OR*3391*1931
Cincinnati Insurance Co * vs *Gresham Smith & Partners*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1805
Saint Johns Six Mile Creek North Property Owners * vs *Hammer Steven*12/23/2010*OR*3390*919
FIA Card Services Na* vs *Harris Charles D*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1582
Discover Bank* vs *Harrison Susan M*12/29/2010*OR*3392*39
Steele Michael* vs *Helms Virginia W*12/28/2010*OR*3391*944
Discover Bank* vs *Hobbs Lesley L*12/23/2010*OR*3390*942
Holmes Alvin Jacob Jr* vs *Holmes Randi Geanette*12/28/2010*OR*3391*837
Progressive American Insurance Company * vs *Jackson Paul*12/28/2010*OR*3391*823
State Of Florida* vs *Jarrell Jacob Nicholas*12/27/2010*OR*3390*1887
Discover Bank* vs *Kallio Drew P*12/29/2010*OR*3392*38
Discover Bank* vs *Kemler Kimberly*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1563
Community First Credit Union Of Florida* vs *Keren Ruth*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1806
King Emory* vs *King Sandra L*12/29/2010*OR*3392*391
Simon Leonard B* vs *Laettner Christian D*12/29/2010*OR*3392*57
Bankatlantic* vs *Lakeside Busines Center LLC*1/3/2011*OR*3393*574
Chase Bank USA NA* vs *Lee Christine N*12/28/2010*OR*3391*698
Mainstreet Acquisition Corp* vs *LeMaster Tammy S*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1562
Huntington National Bank* vs *Loughead William J*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1800
Chase Bank USA NA* vs *Maddelena Robert C*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1564
McCallum Linda F* vs *McCallum John G*12/28/2010*OR*3391*884
21st Mortgage Corporation* vs *McCann James B*12/23/2010*OR*3390*926
Wells Fargo Bank * vs *McCarthy John*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1417
Ohio Andersons Inc* vs *Middleton J Leighton*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1410
Ohio Andersons Inc* vs *Middleton J Leighton*12/30/2010*OR*3392*1950
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins Co * vs *Mills Ryan Young*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1126
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue* vs *Mills Whitney D*12/28/2010*OR*3391*1765
Fifth Third Mortgage Company* vs *Mincey Jody M*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1518
Nolan Peter M* vs *Nolan Robin P*12/29/2010*OR*3391*1940
HSBC Mortgage Corporation Usa* vs *Ogden David*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1405
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company * vs *Opp Stephen G*12/29/2010*OR*3392*37
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company * vs *O’Shea Heath*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1502
Chase Bank USA NA* vs *Patrick Dennis L*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1796
Citibank South Dakota* vs *Polet Theodore C*12/28/2010*OR*3391*1934
Freedom Mortgage Corporation* vs *Powers Virginia L L*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1545
Hunter Frank* vs *Randall D W*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1532
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue* vs *Rickly James M*12/28/2010*OR*3391*1762
Suntrust Mortgage Inc* vs *Rimberg Lois B*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1399
Grainger W W* vs *Ronco Machine & Rigging Inc*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1565
Rottinghaus Dean* vs *Rottinghaus Melisa*12/29/2010*OR*3391*1954
Moore Shateika* vs *Russell Roydrizk*12/28/2010*OR*3391*857
Suntrust Mortgage Inc* vs *Samaha Michael A Jr*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1792
Regions Bank* vs *Sessions Vicki*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1808
Sims Jimmy L* vs *Sims Maudena*12/28/2010*OR*3391*894
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company * vs *Tallman Andrew H*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1480
Lighthouse Realty Associates Inc* vs *Thoeny David*12/28/2010*OR*3391*634
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue* vs *Villanveva Christopher S*12/28/2010*OR*3391*1777
Philcox Todd S* vs *Walter Amy D*12/28/2010*OR*3391*859
Unifund CCR Partners* vs *Wheat Fredrick E*12/23/2010*OR*3390*921
United States Of America* vs *Wheeler Gary R*12/29/2010*OR*3392*310
New York Community Bank* vs *Williams John*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1475
New York Community Bank* vs *Williams John*12/23/2010*OR*3390*1513
LFA* vs *Wolter J Scott*1/3/2011*OR*3393*1429

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