Flagler professor named research associate

The Historic St. Augustine Research Institute has announced to Historic City News that they have recently named Dr. Timothy J. Johnson a research associate.

Johnson is a professor of religion and chair of the Humanities Department at Flagler College in St. Augustine; whose area of expertise is in the history of Christian spirituality and theology.

“My affiliation with the group will allow me to seek funding for future conferences as well as for further research on Thomas Hastings and church architecture,” said Johnson.

Johnson has made the primary focus of his studies the Middle Ages and the Franciscans.

While he is a research associate Johnson hopes to pool his resources to fuel his research as well as apply for research funding.

At a summer conference held at St. Bonaventure University in New York, Johnson was a lead presenter to faculty and administrators on the topic of assessing institutional commitments to a liberal education — in a time of competing commitments and finite resources.

During the Future of Liberal Education and Franciscan Pedagogies conference, Johnson served as a master teacher; discussing the challenges to liberal education.

The Institute is a collaborative project of Flagler College and the University of Florida; supported by the St. Augustine Foundation, Inc.

Its purpose is to encourage, coordinate and disseminate active academic research related to the history, archaeology and historical architecture of St. Augustine, Florida, and to apply this research in support of historic preservation in the city.

Research associates include scholars from Colleges and Universities involved in ongoing, scholarly research into St. Augustine’s historic heritage, and are committed to making the results of that research available both to historic preservation efforts in the City, and to the interested public.

The Institute maintains links with the many other agencies and organizations in St. Augustine that are committed to the town’s history and historic preservation, and offers centralized information and resources for researchers, students and interested members of the public not based in St. Augustine.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Flagler College

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