Fort endeavors to stabilize historic seawall

Administrative Officer Lindsey Phillips, informed local Historic City News reporters that the Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas National Monument have entered into a contract, to begin the stabilization of the historic seawall located southwest of the Fort along the sidewalk.

Lee Construction Group, Inc. from Doral, Florida, began construction on January 18th and is expected to be completed by the end of June.

This portion of the seawall is deteriorating due to years of wave action, tidal current and storms.

The design incorporates a coquina riprap wave break system located 25 feet from the historic wall running east and west in the water.

The National Marine Fisheries Service has been working with the National Park Service to design a living shoreline that includes riprap and coquina wave break, coquina protected inlet and an intertidal zone affection approximately 16,500 square feet of intertidal mudflats.

The breakwater and living shoreline system will provide a natural approach for erosion control and protection to the seawall while allowing access for coastal and estuarine organisms.

When completed the breakwater system will reflect wave energy off of the historic seawall, increase intertidal habitat, organic matter, biological organisms and marine life.

Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas National Monuments participate in the Recreational Fee Program within the National Park Service.

This program was established in 1996 with the purpose of determining, through project tracking and accountability measures, whether the cost recovery of park entrance fees is used effectively and practically.

The congressional intent of the program was designed with the primary purpose of supporting the National Park Service mission to protect park resources and provide enhanced visitor experiences.

The Recreational Fee Program has provided the Castillo and Fort Matanzas with funds, otherwise may not have been available through other federal sources, to make masonry repairs to the Fort, reconstruct the drawbridge, pavement of parking areas and replacement of boardwalks, just to name a few.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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