Garage parking will be $10 daily starting Saturday

The City of St. Augustine reported to Historic City News that on Saturday, October 1st, the cost of parking at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, will change from an hourly rate to a flat “pay-on-entry” fee.

The new fee structure and parking fee increase was approved as part of the city’s FY-2012 budget. The change is part of a financial plan whereby additional fees, above the former rate, will fund a number of projects without resorting to the collection of additional property taxes.

The parking facility, now in its fifth year of operation, provides nearly 1,200 parking spaces and is open 24/7.

Beginning Saturday, motorists who utilize St. Augustine’s only parking garage will pay a new rate of $10 on entry, which allows them to park their vehicle all day.

Those holding “ParkNow” cards, the city’s discount parking card, will pay a flat fee of $1.

By raising the parking fee, the city expects to collect an additional $1 million per year that will be dedicated to:

• the Historic Downtown Parking Facility debt service
• the city’s portion of its sea wall restoration
• remodeling of the Visitor’s Information Center adjacent to the parking facility
• the upcoming commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the city’s founding

The ParkNow card, which allows one to purchase parking time in bulk and at a discount rate, was introduced four years ago when the city eliminated free parking in the historic district.

The card not only allows the holder discount parking at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, but also at any of the city’s metered lots or on-street parking.

Normal parking fees in those areas at $1.50 per hour but with the ParkNow card it is only $.50 per hour. For more information about the ParkNow card, call 904.825.1034 or visit

Standing adjacent to the Visitor’s Information Center and Francis Field, the city’s primary special event site, the facility lies just off US 1 and within easy walking distance to both St. George Street and San Marco Avenue area.

For more information about the facility, call 904.484.5160 or visit

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by City of St. Augustine

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