Iannucci introduces challenge coin

Brian Iannucci informed local Historic City News reporters that, at tonight’s meeting of the St. Augustine Tea Party, he will introduce what he is calling “a new and innovative method designed to reach the voters of St. Johns County.”

The concept, developed in conjunction with Image Coins, LLC, is designed to provide an easy way for supporters to actively participate in spreading Iannucci’s message of increased economic growth, transparency in government, and more fiscal responsibility.

Utilizing a specially designed “challenge coin”, supporters are able to link to Iannucci’s website just by scanning the coin’s QR Code with their smartphone or similar device.

“This is a great way for my supporters to keep informed about the campaign,” Iannucci said. “If you come to the meeting tonight or register on my campaign website, I’ll see that you receive a challenge coin”.

The coins represent a challenge to do a good deed for St. Johns County and then to pass the “challenge” on to someone else.

Coins can be registered at the campaign website www.electbriani.com using the serial number printed on the coin. As the coin is passed on to friends and other constituents the website allows users to track the progress of the coin on a map and allows users to post comments.

While on the website, you can listen to a video message from the candidate and view his “Ten-Step Plan for St. Johns County” as well as donate or volunteer to help the campaign.

Supporters are encouraged to:

1. Register the coins,
2. Donate to the campaign if they can,
3. Do a good deed for Saint Johns County, and
4. Pass the coin along to someone else.

Constituents who donate will receive two coins. The first coin is to pass on. The second coin is a Commemorative Ambassador Coin that they can keep. This Commemorative Ambassador Coin will also provide the holder the ability to track the progress of their initial coin as it is passed throughout the community.

“Campaigns are always looking for new and fun ways to get the word out,” Iannucci told Historic City News. “These coins, sometimes referred to as a “good deed coin” can spread my message and get the grassroots involved. Plus, asking people to do a good deed for their community is certainly a win-win proposition.”

If you plan to attend tonight’s Tea Party meeting, it will be held at the Village Inn on US 1 in St. Augustine beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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