VA Nursing Home earns accreditation

US Representative John L. Mica notified Historic City News local reporters that just thirteen days after calling an emergency meeting with VA officials at St. Augustine City Hall, final accreditation for the Clyde E. Lassen State VA Nursing Home in St. Augustine has been granted.

Mica called the emergency meeting with VA officials in the afternoon of April 19th; after he learned that the new VA nursing facility was turning away veterans as accreditation and federal paperwork languished.

Mica’s Chief of Staff, Wiley Deck, sent word of the final approval from Federal Medicare and Medicaid offices at 3:00 p.m. today.

“I am pleased to announce that the new State VA nursing home in St. Johns County is now fully accredited and open to those veterans who use Medicare and Medicaid services,” Mica said in his announcement. “The 95,508 square-foot, 120-bed nursing home, will provide some relief for those most in need and support other over-stressed facilities in the region.”

St. Johns County is home to over 17,000 veterans and growing. The new Clyde E. Lassen State VA Nursing Home, which opened last September, will help homeless veterans in the region and will also provide much needed counseling and long-term medical care for those who have served our nation.

“While I am dismayed at the bureaucracy and the time it took for the home to become fully accredited, this new VA nursing home will bring much needed and deserved nursing care to our area’s veterans,” concluded Rep. Mica. “The backlog of veterans who are eligible under Medicare or Medicaid can now be addressed and deserving veterans are now ready to be served.”

Clyde E. Lassen State VA Nursing Home is located at 4650 State Road 16 in St. Augustine.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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