Letter: Continue air show tradition

Dear Editor:

The St. Augustine Air Show was a great American way to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday and a military service salute for our community.

It was a fantastic show, loaded with family fun and full of exciting aerial entertainment for all ages. So many highly skilled air show performers charmed and captivated those in attendance with their complex, yet amusing aerobatic acts. The show was filled with many death defying maneuvers from a variety of aircraft.

Also, there were exciting runway acts performed in front of everyone, and several parachutists that exhibited precise landings with the American flag as the show started.

Compliments must go to all the many volunteers, the show sponsors and local businesses that made this air show possible. So many other community members that had to pitch in to make this event a reality. It takes months of work behind the scenes to prepare for a successful air show.

The cost of this production had to be colossal and hopefully the charitable organizations involved will be able to share some benefit.

Mr. Craig Fordham and his accomplished team of professionals must be complimented for an event so well implemented. Everything seemed well planned and perfectly executed on two perfect weather days for the enjoyment of so many local and out of town attendees.

Hopefully plans to do this again next year will be generated and will continue the St. Augustine air show tradition.

The Ernie Moser Flying Circus started this type of event many years ago. His thrust was to entertain and promote local aviation at the airport during the St. Augustine 1976 National Bicentennial Celebration Event.

Ken Forrester
St. Augustine

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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