Letter: County take-home vehicles

Dear Editor:

Early in 2009, Administration and Board of County Commissioners departments completed an analysis of the 397 vehicles in use throughout the county.

The Sheriff and Constitutional Officers maintain their own fleet. This review was confined to the vehicles under the Board of County Commissioners.

A new “vehicle use” policy was established for 24 hour vehicle assignments and outlined driver responsibilities.

The number of vehicles in use 24 hours a day was reduced from 55 to less than 2 dozen. The policy has been in effect since July 2009. There have been no new requests for 24 hour vehicles – per the memo – from the date of the policy.

Less than 5% of the county fleet is now used on a take home basis. Those are to ensure rapid response times for public safety and welfare.

By limiting the take home vehicles, the County saved direct fuel costs, repair, maintenance and replacement cost.

Underutilized vehicles and heavy equipment were also identified and sold – avoiding repair and maintenance and generating $100,000 in revenue.

The fleet maintenance continues to right size the fleet with an eye toward fuel and operating efficiency.

It is estimated that the County saved $1 million dollars from this effort in 2009 when the study was initiated.

Hope this helps with your inquiry.


Cyndi Stevenson
St. Johns County Commissioner
District 1

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by SJC-BOCC

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