Letter: Move forward without new taxes

Dear Editor:

Monday is your last chance to help us stop the tax increase here in St. Johns County.

Please go and hear firsthand your County Commissioners and the County Administrator tell you they think you need to pay higher taxes.

They have no solutions other than raising your taxes. This is not leadership.

Join us Monday, June 27th – 6:30 pm – Main Library in St. Augustine.

The highlight is hearing Mr. Wanchick say (look for slide 52):

“If the County’s quality of life is to be preserved, we don’t have a spending problem; we have a revenue problem.”

With this attitude there is no end in sight to the tax increases. With this attitude they are telling us that the County is responsible for your quality of life.

Government is not the answer.

We the People are the answer…our communities, our churches, our civic and professional groups and our friends and neighbors.

How is the County responsible for the weather? Please, this is ridiculous.

These people think government is the solution. We think government is the problem.

Please go and participate in the straw poll. Last week in Ponte Vedra the vote was 42 against raising taxes and 19 in favor. They still are planning on raising your taxes.

We are preparing to present a plan to them Friday that is pro-growth, one that will move us forward without raising your taxes.

Help us save the citizens of St. Johns County $12 million in higher taxes next year.

We the People of St. Johns County need you to show up!

Thank you.

Eric West
St. Augustine TEA Party

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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