Letter: Obama Becomes Lord of the Manor

Dear Editor and Countrymen:

With Executive Order 13575, signed into law June 9, 2011, Obama has become King of the entire land from sea to shining sea.

We The People are about to become serfs in the new collective feudal system by the ultimate Communal Organizer, Supreme Czar in Chief, Barrack Obama — according to Victoria Baer, who will be speaking at the St. Augustine Tea Party.

You simply must get up to speed on this very serious issue. Agenda 21 is no fairy tale.

It is the implementation of the “Rural Council”. It will tie up rural farmland with Federal edicts coming straight from the United Nations. “The “Rural Council” is designed to set up new federal control over “food, fiber, and energy” – items that are essential to human existence.

What all of this means is that the Obama Administration intends to throw the entire weight of the Federal Government into rural America; taking control of every aspect of farming, food production and our natural resources.

“There will be no property rights. Farmers will not be allowed to exercise their expert knowledge of how to grow our food without the approval of the Federal Government,” according to Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center.

For the complete story on the threatened takeover of rural American, make sure to attend the Saint Augustine Tea Party meeting at the Village Inn on Ponce de Leon Boulevard this Tuesday, October 25th at 6:30 p.m. and hear Victoria Baer.

Bring a friend. Attendance is free. You can order pie and coffee or a full dinner at reasonable prices while the event is going on.

See you there.

Dave Heimbold
Saint Augustine Tea Party Chairman pro tempore

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