Letter: Problem with baby food blender

Letter: Problem with baby food blender

Mary Lou Timura
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I purchased a Jenny McCarthy Baby Bullet blender system, which is advertised to “make healthy, nutritious baby food in just seconds”.

A gasket on the blender came off into my food when I tested it — I almost choked.

I called the place where I bought it and made a report.

I called the manufacturer and they told me they would have FedEx pick up the whole unit today, so that they could test it. I have been home all day and FedEx never showed.

The manufacturer stated that the instruction booklet says you must take the gasket out each time you use it and wash it.

That is not what the instruction booklet reads. It reads you MAY want to take the gasket out and wash it, but, this will shorten the life of the gasket.

They also said that the gasket was made from a surgical grade silicone. They claimed it would not hurt me, even if I ingested it.

My concern is that I bought the Baby Bullet to give as a gift for an infant.

What if the gasket gets ground up in the baby’s food?

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