Letter: Can not reach commissioners by e-mail

Letter: Can not reach commissioners by e-mail

Thomas J. Fournier
Saint Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

Do you have and email address for the county commissioners?

The one on the county website does not work for me.

They are “bccd1@sjcfl.us” — the “1” is changed to “2” thru “5” for the different commissioners.

I need to tell them I am not happy with raising taxes, but I have to be out of town for these meetings.

Tom Fournier

Editor: Perhaps “free e-mail accounts” were cut out as a “quality of life” issue they think the public can do without?

District 1: Cyndi Stevenson – cyndistevenson@aol.com
District 2: Ron Sanchez – ronsanchez@hughes.net
District 3: Mark P. Miner – mark.p.miner@gmail.com
District 4: Jay Morris – risinghites@comcast.net
District 5: Joseph “Ken” Bryan – bryan4744@bellsouth.net

If you have a legitimate need to contact these five elected officials and you are having trouble with their county e-mail addresses, try these alternate e-mail addresses that we found in our files. I do not know if they will work any better than the ones you first tried, however, in the hopes of connecting you with your elected representatives, I am pleased to pass along the information that we were able to find.

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