Letter: Real Tea Party still meets Tuesday

Letter: Real Tea Party still meets Tuesday

Dear Editor:

The old guard “Republicans in Name Only”, called RINO’s, were shocked to see their County Commissioners “Pink Slipped” outside the County Auditorium last Monday.

The Tea Party handed out leaflets outside the Republican Executive Committee monthly meeting Thursday, as well.

Tea Partiers are wondering why we are paying so much for so little.

For instance, the reader comments on Michael Gold’s article in Historic City News were universally against the excessive salary of $3,200. per week for Administrator Michael Wanchick and the “lackey-like” conduct of the $1,200. per week commissioners, all who have an (R) behind their name.

What in the world is going on?

The old guard does not have a clue that former Democrats Ron Sanchez and Ken Bryan switched party affiliations — but not their character. They are no more than “tax and spend” liberals with a (R) behind their name. Young and impressionable Mark Miner and the other two Country Commissioners with an (R) behind their names, dutifully rubber stamp anything Wanchick does or says.

Along comes the Real Tea Party citizens of St Johns County and says, ” We have been Taxed Enough Already. And, your “Quality of Life” mantra is just an old Commie slogan used for the last 50 years. We can take care of ourselves. Stop this “tax and spend” nonsense.

The next thing the Tea Party patriots experience is two top-level Republican operatives starting their own so called Tea Party at the Ponce Mall using our name! Talk about gall … this was daylight Identity Theft!

Well, their efforts have failed. And, their meetings are cancelled. They have discredited themselves. They took our mailing list, name and honor. Then they called us “Leftists”.

Their political ambition intoxicated them; blinded them to common sense and veracity.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the St. Augustine Tea Party has been meeting continually at the Village Inn and has not missed a beat. Our signature is the Town Crier clothing of 1776. You have seen us everywhere downtown and uptown handing our Constitution and encouraging old fashion patriotism. You have seen us in Historic City News and on the front page of the Saint Augustine Record with Governor Scott.

We are the real deal and meet at the Village Inn every second Tuesday at 6:30PM.

Next meeting, will be at the Village Inn, Tuesday, September 13th.

Come join us if you are as sick and tired of the political hacks that promise the moon and do nothing.

We get the job done and have fun doing it!

PS: The pie at the Village Inn is terrific. Worth the trip!

David Heimbold
Chair Pro Tem
St. Augustine Tea Party

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