Letter: Stop throwing paper in our driveway

Dear Editor:

Tonight the police came to the house to take a report from us regarding the threats and harassment we’ve continued to receive from the Pennysaver delivery guy.

I can’t believe how crazy this sounds to even write about!

Today we received yet another call from the delivery person for the paper. He stated that he could lose his job and continued that “that could be a very bad thing”.

Since we’ve now made multiple requests (and later demands) directly to both the delivery guy and Pennysaver management, for this guy to stop the threats and harassment, yet they’ve continued, we were advised to contact the county Sheriff’s office and file a complaint.

During his visit tonight, the officer stated that the department will call upon the delivery guy and inform him that he is to immediately cease and desist any further contact with our household. We are hopeful that the call will do the trick. The officer also further encouraged me to contact the ownership of the paper (rather than the management) who I’ve obtained the contact information for and will do tomorrow.

For your information, the officer’s name is Tom Evans (#3449), he can be contacted at 904-824-8304. If you have any issues arise with this delivery guy, or see something out of the ordinary at our property, please contact this officer as he is now familiar with the particulars of the problem. Of course, on the outside chance that you see something very out of the ordinary involving our house or property, please call 911.

Thanks for your time and attention to this ridiculous ordeal.

Brian Funk
Osceola Point
St. Augustine

P.S. Does anyone in the neighborhood actually read or use this paper?

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