Letter: Never the twain shall meet

Letter: Never the twain shall meet

Dave Heimbold
St. Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I would like to caution downtown businesses that the “Occupy St. Augustine” event last weekend was a peaceful beginning to what could be another Oakland or Wall Street anarchist love-in; with open urination, defecation, broken windows, and fires.

The local Occupiers are telling all who are listening that they have the same gripes against banks and corporations as the Tea Party. The Tea Party is saying “the free enterprise system” has created the wealth in America — a system based on banking and private industry; and never the twain shall meet.

I saw one of the Occupiers rip up a copy of the Constitution booklet distributed freely to the public by the Town Criers. “I don’t believe in this f**king shit,” he declared.
When he threw the pieces on the ground, I told him he was littering “just like in Oakland”.

The student picked up the ripped pages and stormed away. I called after him, “That same Constitution you just tore up is what gives you the right to free speech.”

Lance Thate told me, “Occupy is nothing but a bunch of naive college students setting the stage for the organized Left to come in and cause havoc”. In this photograph, taken during a confrontation Saturday, Thate said, “The Occupiers are nothing more that progressives, Marxists, communists, anarchist and immature college students who live in a utopian bubble, supported by mom and dad”.

The Occupiers want to destroy free enterprise and let the Federal government control every aspect of our lives; like Obama Care taking over the health care system.

It is just Chicago gangster-ism; shaking down clients for money on a scale never seen before. Now it has spread to the college kids who want to be gangster, too. The Occupiers are just ignorant shills in this dynamic. They have no idea that they are being used.

Instead of targeting both banks and corporations, the Occupiers should be targeting themselves; the whining socialist who want to steal from the wealthy.

They should take their youthful energy and start a business of their own; instead of this monkey business of shouting, “We are the 99%”.

This self-centered mob should leave the 99 alone; reach into their own wallet, then go assist someone who needs a helping hand.

“The problem is not the banks and it is not the financial system,” adds Heimbold. “It is the manipulation of both by the Obama administration — taking kick-backs from both banks and corporations.”

Dave Heimbold is the Chair of the St. Augustine Tea Party. Thate is one of the officers of the St. Augustine Tea Party and founder of the Town Criers. His group meets at the Village Inn in St. Augustine every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

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