Lighthouse Director of Education named

Brenda Swann
Brenda Swann
Beau Phillips, Public Relations manager for the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, reported to Historic City News that Brenda Swann has been named Director of Education.

Swann, who has developed public archaeology education programs for K-12 schools, non-profit organizations and state and local governments, has honed her skills for over 10 years.

Under Swann’s direction, children will have hands-on opportunities to learn the science and history of the sea. The educational programming Swann plans to develop will expose students to maritime archeology using the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program’s projects and research findings.

The University of West Florida graduate also plans to boost the organization’s regional presence by creating more outreach programs. Students of all ages and backgrounds will benefit from the first hand experiences and opportunities the Lighthouse and Museum offers.

“What makes the Lighthouse and Museum special is our research arm,” Swann told Historic City News. “We have a unique opportunity to present the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program’s archaeological research and findings directly to the public.”

Swann produced two heritage tourism publications in the Florida Department of State Heritage Trail Series and holds a Master’s degree in Historical Archaeology from West Florida.

She has managed the State of Florida’s archaeology program and participated in both underwater and land-based archaeology projects.

Swann is published; the newly appointed Director has authored and co-authored articles and book chapters on Florida archaeology and history for Florida History and the Arts magazine, Southeastern Archaeology, American Antiquity, and the University Press of Florida.

Over 43,000 students participate in programs and events offered by the museum annually. The Lighthouse and Museum offers educational programs to students ranging in age from elementary children to scholars seeking graduate degrees.

Swann’s first priority will be the organization’s annual Summer Camp –an age-focused program that is “maritime themed” and teaches children about the sea.

“We are excited to have Brenda because of her experience in underwater and terrestrial archaeology,” said Mollie Malloy, Director of Regional Programs. “She has the talent to share complex information in a way that is relatable to everyone — including and especially to children.”

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Beau Phillips

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