Lincoln – Reagan Day two weeks away

Chairman Harlan Mason and the St. Johns County Republican Party announced to Historic City News their speakers and plans for the upcoming 2011 Lincoln – Reagan Day Celebration on Tuesday May 24th, 2011.

“Our headline speaker will be former United States Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania,” Mason told Historic City News. “Senator Santorum has formed an exploratory committee and is considering a run for President in 2012.”

Former Senator Santorum, of Pennsylvania, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1990 at the age of 32. From 1995 to 2007, he served in the US Senate. In 2000, he was elected by his peers to the position of Senate Republican Conference Chairman.

“Senator Santorum became one of the most successful government reformers in our history, taking on Washington’s powerful special interests from the moment he arrived in our nation’s Capitol,” Mason said.

Along with John Boehner and Jim Nussle, Senator Santorum was a member of the famous “Gang of Seven” that exposed the House Banking and House Post Office scandals. It was this record of reform that prompted a Washington Post reporter to write in a recent article that “Santorum was a tea party kind of guy before there was a tea party.”

Also headlining the evenings program will be former State Representative Adam Hasner. Representative Hasner, who served as Marco Rubio’s Majority Leader in the Florida House, has filed to seek the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat Senator Bill Nelson in 2012.

Hasner has quickly become a favorite of conservatives and Tea Party organizations with his strong principled message of smaller government, ending deficit spending with a balanced budget amendment and his strong defense of American Exceptionalism.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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