Lions to City: Here we come

The City of St Augustine has suggested several ways for Historic City News readers to celebrate the return of the famous St. Augustine lions to the west end of the bridge after a six-year hibernation.

Six ways to celebrate the return of the lion statues

1. Honk your car horn as you cross the bridge and see the lions for the first time. Probably going to be a little noisy on Tuesday.

2. Before Tuesday, visit the site where the statues will be placed and have your photo made there without the lions, then return later and take a photo with the lions.

3. If you know a child born after February 17, 2005, or a friend who has moved here since that date, take him or her to visit the statues for the first time in their lives.

4. Watch the “Lion King,” or “Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion,” or the start of any MGM movie and look for resemblances to St. Augustine’s lions.

5. At the family dinner table, make a list of three things that have changed in the last six years and share the information with the lions. They really missed a lot during their hibernation.

6. Flood Facebook with comments and photos and tweet your first impressions with the hash tag #bridgeoflions so the world may share your excitement.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Paul K. Williamson

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