Local pro wrestler charged in drug store robbery

Historic City News has learned that St. Augustine Beach resident, 38 year-old Travis David Tomko, an accomplished professional tag-team wrestler, known by his ring name “Tomko”, has been taken into custody and booked in the St. Johns County Jail — charged with strong-arm robbery.

At 6:05 PM Monday, deputies were dispatched to the scene of a strong-arm robbery at the CVS pharmacy located at 175 SR-312 West; near the intersection with Old Moultrie Road in St. Augustine. The robbery occurred sometime between 4:57 PM and 5:05 PM yesterday evening, according to pharmacy staff.

The 6’6″, 250 lb. Tomko, who was once a bodyguard for the band Limp Bizkit, was observed on the store’s surveillance video as he made his way to the pharmacy counter, then officials say, he demanded all of the oxycodone in the store safe.

Deputy Sheriff Zachary R. Cooke arrived on the scene and took the following report from store personnel.

On Saturday, October 8th, witnesses say Travis Tomko walked up to the pharmacy and told them that he had lost his prescription of oxycodone and asked if anyone has turned it in. When he was told no, Tomko reportedly left the pharmacy.

The following day, Tomko returned to the same pharmacy, this time, he asked if it was possible, under the circumstances of his lost prescription, to obtain a partial advance of oxycodone until his next refill. The pharmacist told him no, Tomko reportedly left the pharmacy for a second time.

Then, on Monday evening, Tomko returned to the same CVS pharmacy, wearing a black shirt and tan cargo shorts. This time he walked up to the consultation desk and spoke directly with the pharmacist. According to the incident report, Tomko ordered the pharmacist to go to the safe and give him all the oxycodone he had, 15mg and 30mg.

A witness informed deputies that Tomko told the pharmacist, “Do not make me hurt you”, and warned him not to raise the attention of the pharmacy technicians. The pharmacist observed Tomko’s hand underneath his shirt, pointing something in his direction.

The pharmacist went to the safe and obtained three bottles — one bottle was full and contained 100 oxycodone 15mg, two others were partially full. The total amount of pills stolen was 210 tablets. Tomko told him he needed help with his addiction and proceeded out the door.

Just before 10:00 p.m., Tomko was discovered at Chili’s Restaurant located at 215 SR-312. He was in possession of a bottle of the stolen medication and taken into custody without incident.

Tomko told deputies that he has never been arrested before and that he has a severe drug problem. Tomko also told deputies that recent personal problems have magnified his addiction.

Tomko remains in custody in the St. Johns County Detention Facility on the second-degree felony robbery charge, in lieu of $7500.00 bond.

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