Marriage Licenses Applications – 4/10/2011


The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee.

The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Barrett Thomas Jr . to .Gilliland Jody .4/4/2011
Beale Douglas . to .Ketchman Ashleigh .4/6/2011
Collins Matthew Sean . to .Godbee Heather Morgan .4/7/2011
Creary Charles Alexander . to .Tucker Amy Michelle .4/7/2011
Daniels Cory Jayce . to .Edwards Renee Michelle .4/8/2011
Davezac Chris Jr . to .Morton Aimee .4/6/2011
De La Rosa Michael . to .Richetti Vanessa Louise .4/7/2011
Dockery Walter Karl . to .Davis Emily Elizabeth .4/5/2011
Dotson Adam . to .Cowart Jennifer .4/6/2011
Downing Paul Theodore Jr . to .Porter Victoria Chase .4/6/2011
Finley Daniel . to .Sprague Ashley .4/6/2011
Frater David Charles Iii . to .Rice Arianne Jean Jackson .4/4/2011
Gifford Craig Kreton . to .Shugart Scarlet Amber .4/4/2011
Greene Joshua Martin . to .Bitto Melissa Lynn .4/7/2011
Hayt Matthew Scott . to .Reyes Keirsten Amber .4/6/2011
Hipps Brian Keith . to .Mcglamery Jeanine Francine Andes .4/6/2011
Hobgood John Eric . to .Pease Brandy Lynn Staton .4/7/2011
Jackson Norsalus Royal . to .Roberson Shanette Kenyatta .4/6/2011
Johnson Mark Wayne . to .Preston Calli Kristin .4/8/2011
Kelly Jimmy Robert . to .Mcclanahan Lynda Wright .4/8/2011
Labar Jeffrey Alan . to .Freudenvoll Lisa Marie .4/5/2011
Lewis Colby Ramon . to .Nevins Colleen Lynn .4/8/2011
Limbaugh Brent . to .Baysa Goldei .4/6/2011
Lyons Paul Anthony Ii . to .Canova Meghan Kathleen .4/6/2011
Martinez Stephen Anthony . to .Swain Jean Louise Rardin .4/5/2011
Moore Theron Blackburn Iii . to .Kinlaw Jennifer Nycol .4/6/2011
Odell Brian Scott . to .Doran Tawnya Marie .4/7/2011
Pay Eric Christopher . to .Campbell Teresa .4/5/2011
Pregno William Pregno . to .Harmes Amber Elizabeth .4/6/2011
Rackliff Curtis Roy Jr . to .Lang Amanda Danielle .4/5/2011
Schroeder Mark David . to .Moran Mandy Beth .4/8/2011
Smith Kenneth Edgar . to .Rife Melanie Jean .4/8/2011
Stanford Timothy . to .Minshall Tammy .4/6/2011
Thurman Jared Aubrey . to .Rogers Megan Nicole .4/8/2011
Vanderbent Kevin Lyle . to .Rickly Leyla Lorinda Sierra .4/4/2011
Watson William . to .Newman Carolyn .4/5/2011
Watts Philip . to .Lopez Monica .4/6/2011
White Curtis . to .Wells Judith .4/4/2011
Williams Christopher Alan . to .Weintz Lisa Dawn .4/4/2011


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