More changes requested for carriage ordinance

Carlos Mendoza
Assistant City Attorney Carlos Mendoza returned to the City Commission this week with the latest staff draft of a proposed horse-drawn carriage ordinance; an issue being closely followed by local Historic City News reporters.

Since the ordinance was first presented last May, there have been passionate objections and some praise for various components of the ordinance being drafted by Mendoza. Public sentiments seem to support the concept of horse carriages, however, disputes continue over exactly how the City should regulate carriages-for-hire in the future.

At the core of the proposed ordinance, the maximum number of carriage permits the City will be allowed to issue will be 25; with no more than ten permits issued to a single applicant. Permit fees will increase to $1,000 each year, or, 2.5 percent of gross annual revenue; whichever is greater.

Commissioner Leanna Freeman pushed for a five-year review. “We need the opportunity to see how it’s working,” she said.

Commissioner Bill Leary called for modification of the charter rides provision, to allow short notice for weekend off-route requests.

So, after a two-month hiatus, the latest adjustments proposed by commissioners will be incorporated, along with further requests for “tweaking”, and Mendoza will re-appear in February with what he hopes will be language for a workable ordinance.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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